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Effortless and sustainable. Our electric bicycles are an excellent alternative for car or public transport. Find your way quickly in the city or enjoy beautiful rural environments in comfort. Whatever your wishes are, within our range there is always an E-bike that suits you.

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Gazelle Miss Grace C7 HMB Matt Schwarz
gazelle tour populair t8 dames zwart

City bikes

Retro look, contemporary comfort. The city bike is perfect for everyday use. Take the kids to school or use it to go to work. These bikes are certainly comfortable enough for beautiful routes along fields and meadows. We have different city bikes in our collection, so you will always find one that suits you.

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Cargo bikes

Practical and comfortable. With a cargo bike you hardly need a car anymore. Transport your children, groceries or other belongings safely and effortlessly through the city. Or go out for a lovely picnic in the park with a basket full of goodies. Within our collection you will find different cargo bikes. Which do you choose?

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Johnny l JLB twin 01 side
Gazelle Van Steal 2021 Herren Gruen

Design bikes

Classic and stylish. The design bike is suitable for those who place high demands on the looks of their bicycle. Whether at work or schoolyard: with a design bike you always look good, you work on your health and the environment. Whatever your wishes are, within our range there is always a design bike that suits you.

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Thule Anhänger Chariot CAB 2


Basket, bag or bike trailer? Here you will find the right accessories for your bike from the brands Thule, Basil, New Looxs and many more…

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Gert-Jan Hartog

Excellent Dutch customer service for great Dutch bikes in Switzerland! Werner is very helpful, if you’re using the webshop don’t hesitate to call for advice. Delivery is great, even when you’re living in la Suisse Romande 😉

Nicole Lucas

Really nice looking bikes of good quality. I really like the bikes that offer a more up-right seating which I went for in the end and it’s so comfortable riding on it. Great service too!


Bought a wonderful mommy bike! I love Dutch bikes, as they are really designed to last and to be used in a city environment (unlike the often sold retro bikes/mountain/race bikes in Zurich). I would highly recommend buying a bike at Hollandvelo!

Samuel R.

I didn't just want to buy a bike, I wanted to buy a lifestyle. That's why a Dutch bike was my first choice. I think it's great that you can buy bikes like this in Switzerland. Werner gives you good advice.

Daniela Deselaers

Great bikes, great service! If you want a Dutch bike in Switzerland, then shop at I am very pleased.

Alexandros Bostantzoglou

The best quality you may ask for ( we purchased 2 city bikes) The owner is extremely polite and professional!