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CHF 2'799.00CHF 3'199.00
Availible in: Green, Matt black
CHF 2'899.00CHF 3'199.00
Availible in: Blue, Light Blue
CHF 4'299.00CHF 4'699.00
Availible in: Grey, Red
CHF 2'749.00CHF 2'949.00
Availible in: Matt green, Matt pink
CHF 2'699.00CHF 2'899.00
Availible in: Light Blue, Matt black, Matt blue
CHF 4'699.00CHF 4'899.00
Availible in: dark grey, light grey
CHF 2'899.00CHF 3'199.00
Availible in: Green
CHF 4'249.00
Availible in: Blue, Grey
CHF 2'899.00CHF 3'249.00
CHF 2'699.00CHF 2'899.00
CHF 2'699.00CHF 2'899.00
CHF 3'349.00CHF 3'749.00
Brand Cortina


Effortless and sustainable. Our electric bicycles are an excellent alternative for car or public transport. Find your way quickly in the city or enjoy beautiful rural environments in comfort. Whatever your wishes are, within our range there is always an E-bike that suits you.

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