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Batavus – Bike of the century

Windmills, tulips, dikes, traffic jams. Typically Dutch. Just like cycling. Since time immemorial, the bicycle has been an integral part of the Dutch street scene. This results in a rich history in which Batavus plays a leading role. 

Batavus bicycles are therefore completely up-to-date in terms of styling and design. With contemporary materials, trendy color combinations and beautiful details in the finish, a Batavus bicycle is an enrichment of your life. Because every bike has its own character, there is always a Batavus that suits you perfectly.

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Cortina – Dutch design & quality

Beautiful details and pronounced colours. Cortina follows the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. Discover Cortina – whether we go to work, school, city or the sports club: our bicycle should always be ready for us. With that in mind, we develop our bikes: e-bikes, fast design bikes and family bikes. And yes, also transport bikes!

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Gazelle Ultimate Speed
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Gazelle – The Royal Dutch

Nothing rides like a Gazelle is the new attitude towards life as a cyclist: upright and comfortable without straining your back. Riding like the Dutch also means being open to the world and the people around us. So it’s not just about comfort, it’s about attitude overall. And who could introduce us to the Dutch way of life more convincingly than the Dutch premium bicycle brand?

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Koga – Designed and handmade in the Netherlands

Every frame, component and part is designed to function as one seamless whole. This holistic approach results in high-quality bikes that are optimized down to the smallest detail. Our bikes not only have superior handling characteristics with optimal comfort and maximum control, but also look sleek and trendy. The best of both worlds.

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Sparta – we are Spartans

Behind every Sparta bicycle is a top team of specialists: the Spartans. We constantly reinvent ourselves and are only satisfied with the best end result. In this way, together, step after step, we make e-mobility more innovative and more attractive.

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