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CHF 2'899.00CHF 3'199.00
Availible in: Blue, Light Blue
CHF 999.00
Availible in: Matt black, Matt blue, Matt green, Matt pink
CHF 990.00
Availible in: Green, Matt black, Matt light blue
CHF 2'749.00CHF 2'949.00
Availible in: Matt green, Matt pink
CHF 2'699.00CHF 2'899.00
Availible in: Light Blue, Matt black, Matt blue
CHF 1'099.00
Availible in: Matt black, Matt green
CHF 2'899.00CHF 3'199.00
Availible in: Blue, Green
CHF 2'899.00CHF 3'249.00
CHF 2'699.00CHF 2'899.00
CHF 2'699.00CHF 2'899.00
CHF 2'599.00CHF 3'199.00
CHF 990.00
Availible in: Grey, Matt black
Brand Cortina

Cargo bikes

Practical and comfortable. With a cargo bike you hardly need a car anymore. Transport your children, groceries or other belongings safely and effortlessly through the city. Or go out for a lovely picnic in the park with a basket full of goodies. Within our collection you will find different cargo bikes. Which do you choose?

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